Many adult dogs missed out on fully developing their good manners and correct behaviors when they were puppies. Sometimes they just need a little refresher. Sometimes they have to start from scratch. Whether your dog is just a little rusty or is new to training altogether, we will work collaboratively with you to develop the best plan to help your furry friend be the pet you've always wanted.





Professional Training Assessment


We start the process with a Professional Training Assessment performed by one of our skilled Trainers. During this 30 minute session, we will evaluate your dog's current behaviors and skill levels, comfort with the training process, preferred learning style, and level of interest in learning.  At the end of the day, our Trainer will contact you to give you feedback based on the learnings from your dog's assessment. Together, you will develop your dog's basic learning plan.

Basic Learning Plan


We will implement your dog's basic plan over a two-week period, either MWFTuTh or TuThMWF. During this time, we will focus on building your dog's understanding of, compliance with, and demonstration of the behaviors and/or skills identified in the plan. You will be getting videos each development day of your dog's experiences so that you can learn and practice how to reinforce what your dog is learning. At the end of the two-week period, we will discuss the progress your dog has made and what next steps you want to take.  These next steps are offered as Adult Dog Development Play Days (DPD).

Adult  Dog Development  Play Days


DPDs allow us to continue working with you and your dog to build new skills or refine existing ones. Always wanted your dog to leave something alone or drop it EVERY time you ask? Reserve those DPDs!  Think it would be fun for your dog to perform cute tricks like "roll over, shake, high five"? Reserve a DPD or two.  The options are almost limitless!  These special Play Days can be bought individually or in packages.  You may reserve DPDs any Monday through Friday. These days of learning follow the same format as the basic plan.


Your Dog's Day of Learning


Your dog's day with us comprises two components - formal training sessions (2 per day) with one of our professional trainers and morning & afternoon development play sessions.  These play days are built around reinforcing the skills and behaviors your dog is learning that day in yard-based training with one of our Ranch Hands.  These specific reinforcement moments are integrated into our exceptional socialization yard-based play.

Please note that your dog must first complete their Play Style Assessment before they can enroll in this program.  Participating in our Puppy Development Program is not required for enrollment.

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