It takes more than obedience training to develop a puppy into a well-mannered family pet. At The Oaks Dog Ranch, we work in partnership with YOU to help your puppy achieve his/her potential as your companion.  To do this, we combine positively-reinforced socialization, desensitization, bite inhibition, bathroom skills and GOOD MANNERS with traditional training like “sit” and “come.” 




We do all of this in a custom-designed learning center we call “The Puppy Depot.”  This 1,200 sq. ft classroom connects with a beautiful play yard full of puppy-friendly obstacles to provide your puppy with the perfect environment to learn and grow, all while having FUN! 



The Basics Module

We start our Puppy Development Program with a five-day foundation-setting module.  During these five days, your puppy will

  • meet new friends – both canine and human, and learn how to play and interact appropriately with them

  • face “small challenges” to desensitize him/her to scary new things and experiences,

  • understand that biting hurts,

  • generalize the instinct to use the bathroom in an appropriate place,

  • discover the basis for good manners – “pay attention” and “four on the floor,” and

  • be introduced to the fundamental obedience skills for a companion dog
    (sit, down, come, take it/leave it/drop it)


Puppy Development Play Days

After your puppy completes The Basics Module, he/she can continue his/her learning path with Puppy Development Play Days.  Your puppy can return to The Puppy Depot on any schedule that meets your goals for him/her.  Whether five days or one day a week, he/she will enjoy days full of growth experiences and fun!

The Oaks Puppy Program 3.jpg


Some of the things your puppy will experience during Puppy Development Play Days are

  • Reminders and reinforcement of everything learned during The Basics Module

  • Extended socialization to include appropriate adult dogs and new people (maybe even a field trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot to meet interesting people!)

  • Increased “small challenges” for a calm, courageous approach to life

  • Enriching off-leash play

  • “More than four on the floor” to strengthen good manners and

  • Additional obedience skills for a companion dog (recall /come, well-mannered leash walking, wait, let’s go.)