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It takes more than obedience training to develop a puppy into a well-mannered family pet. At The Oaks Dog Ranch, we work in partnership with YOU to help your puppy achieve his/her potential as your companion. To do this, we combine positively-reinforced socialization, desensitization, bite inhibition, bathroom skills and GOOD MANNERS with traditional training like "sit" and "come".


We do all of this in a custom-designed learning center we call “The Training Academy.”  This 1,200 sq. ft classroom connects with a beautiful play yard full of puppy-friendly obstacles to provide your puppy with the perfect environment to learn and grow, all while having FUN! 



The Basics Module

We start our Puppy Development Program with a five-day foundation-setting module.  During these five days, your puppy will:

  • meet new friends – both canine and human, and learn how to play and interact appropriately with them

  • face “small challenges” to desensitize him/her to scary new things and experiences

  • understand that biting hurts

  • generalize the instinct to use the bathroom in an appropriate place & learn the crate is a fun, safe place to be

  • discover the basis for good manners – “pay attention” and “four on the floor"

  • be introduced to the fundamental obedience skills for a companion dog
    (sit, down, touch, stay, come, take it/leave it/drop it)


Puppy Development Follow Up

After your puppy completes The Basics Module, they can continue their learning path with additional Puppy Development Days.  Your puppy can return to The Puppy Depot on any schedule that meets your goals for them until they reach six months of age.  These follow up options can be purchased in 5 or 3 day packages or individual days and do not need to be scheduled consecutively.

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"If Benji could talk, I think he would totally agree on a fun experience"


"I appreciate the flexibility with Kenaga's reservation. She had to stay an extra night unexpectedly & I am grateful for the accommodation."

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"We were impressed with the communication and understanding shown to Holly's unexpected anxiety."

"I greatly appreciate the photos, video, communication from staff, and great customer service."

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"I love the staff at The Oaks. My Luka & Rosie are in adult training. The trainers are phenomenal, extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, and so very kind. I appreciate the training videos and know these take a long time to record."

Combing the Fur

"Thank you for taking care of my furbaby!"

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