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Our Story 

The story of The Oaks Dog Ranch began when business owners Brett and Jorge discovered a beautiful oak-covered property waiting to be reborn. They shared it with a team of passionate certified professional dog trainers (CPDT-KA) who developed the vision to bring the story to life. The Oaks Dog Ranch founding members, Cheryl, Megan, Adrienne, Jeanette and Amanda envisioned a place where dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and personalities could come together to learn, grow and play while their owners are at work or out of town.


These five women are determined to not be just another ordinary boarding and daycare facility.  The difference?  Enrichment-filled, personalized play days for every dog. The team is united in their belief that daily enrichment makes a happy, healthy dog. Their experience in dog training and animal shelter/rescue volunteering provided the insight to create a unique environment full of sensory and mentally-stimulating experiences for ALL the dogs in their care.  Whether playing and working on group sits with many dogs or playing an interactive one-on-one game in a Corral Group, there is something to enrich every dog’s day.


In Megan's own words, “Our kennels aren’t fancy.  We don’t have televisions or sofas.  Our kennels are comfortable and perfect for sleeping because that’s about all a dog will do in them.  Enrichment means experiences and experiences are best found outside of a kennel."




Just like humans, bored animals crave stimulation. It is not enough to spend time cuddling and playing ball; dogs want to use their brains!  They have wonderfully intelligent, creative brains that need to be challenged and stretched to help prevent boredom-related behavior issues. 

Activities like dog-to-dog play, training, nosework, and food puzzles provide mental stimulation - enrichment - which improves the quality of dogs' lives.  Enriched dogs are happy dogs, and that's what we're all about at The Oaks Dog Ranch!

why enrichment
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